Southeast Pennsylvania

Access And Functional Needs Portal

The registry site previously known as “” has been integrated into the region’s new emergency notification system. If you have previously registered in SpecialNeedsPA, you must re-register under the new system.

How do I sign up?

Individuals who are registering themselves:

Sign up through your county’s notification system using your own personal information.

Care givers who are registering others with a need:

If the individual with a need cannot receive or take action on an emergency alert, the care giver should sign up through the notification system of the county where the person with a need resides. The care giver should  use THE PERSON WITH A NEED’S location and THE PERSON WITH A NEED’S  information in the “My Information” section,  and use THE CARE GIVER’S contact information.  This will ensure that if a notification is made to THE PERSON WITH A NEED’S location, the CARE GIVER will be notified.

How are you using the information?

Emergency Services

Public Safety personnel will use the information you provide to plan for your safety during a disaster and provide messaging during an emergency.  All personal information you provide is strictly confidential.

Begin By Selecting

Your County:

Bucks: ReadyBucks

Chester: ReadyChesco

Delaware: DelcoAlert

Montgomery: ReadyMontco


If you have any questions please contact

Robyn Slater at: